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Here's a Few Spotlight Projects


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Covering a vast expanse of 1,000 acres, our utilization of cutting-edge drone LiDAR technology marked a turning point in precision and cost-effectiveness for our clients. By harnessing the power of LiDAR and capitalizing on our deep-rooted expertise in remote sensing, we not only achieved unparalleled accuracy in aerial data collection but also facilitated substantial cost savings for our clients. Through this groundbreaking approach, and our partnership with a local surveyor, we were able to streamline the surveying process, surpassing traditional methods and ultimately saving our clients thousands of dollars while delivering superior results. 


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Navigating the intricate landscape of residential development demands precision and innovation, regardless of acreage. We recently undertook a compelling challenge: a small-scale hillside drone photogrammetry survey for a discerning residential developer. Despite the modest acreage, this project proved to be a testament to the complexities concealed within seemingly smaller sites. The challenging hillside terrain coupled with a dense tree canopy posed obstacles that underscored the indispensability of drone technology. Leveraging our expertise in drone-based photogrammetry, we seamlessly maneuvered through the undulating topography, capturing intricate details that traditional methods would struggle to achieve. Our ability to navigate such complexities showcased the adaptability of drones, proving that even on small-scale projects, their capabilities excel. By harnessing drones, we not only delivered detailed topographic insights crucial for the developer's planning but also demonstrated how innovative aerial solutions are indispensable, irrespective of the project's size.



Have you heard of the old railroad that was created by the City of San Francisco to support the construction of a dam in Hetch Hetchy Valley? Well, it hasn’t been in use for quite some time. Having been abandoned in the mid 1900s, the land that was used for the old railroad is in the process of being repurposed. The City of Groveland, which was the base point for the railroad, used our LiDAR and photogrammetry services on a 5-mile corridor of the old railroad. Our team performed the drone scan of the subject area and sent it to our technical team for data processing and topographic drafting. Having partnered with a local surveyor, our team was able to deliver a ready to use topographic survey to the City.  



Did you know that Poison Oak grows along the Sacramento River? Luckily our client found out before their team attempted a conventional survey along the Sacramento Levee! Due to this project’s complexity and near impossibility to perform conventional, Zero Gravity was brought on board to perform a drone LiDAR and photogrammetry scan of the Sacramento River in support of a levee restoration project. We then processed the data and created existing cross sections, planimetrics and a high accuracy surface of 14 scattered properties along the river. Our team’s knowledge and skill allowed us to support the project surveyor and offer a timely deliverable that was unique and specific to the project’s scope.


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We are excited to share the success of our recent project in supporting a busy survey client with their drone processing and topo drafting needs. Our team was able to deliver a completely ready-to-use topo survey in just three days, from notice to proceed. Our scope of work involved processing the client's drone images obtained during their field survey and combining them with traditional field topo points. We also added utility information from record drawings and field topo, and added annotations to the plan and sheets to match the client's typical deliverable.By streamlining the drafting process, we were able to help our client save weeks of waiting time and open up more time for conducting surveys and developing their business. We are proud to have played a part in supporting our client's success and look forward to future collaborations.



When it came to performing an ALTA survey in a neighborhood with accessibility and safety concerns, our photogrammetry services made life easy and safe for our surveying client. The Zero Gravity team captured high resolution imagery of a property and then delivered a ready to use CAD file containing the scaled imagery and planimetric linework of the entire mobile home park. The surveyor saved countless hours by using our team of experienced pilots and technicians for the data capture and planimetric linework. More so, our team even used the client’s standard layers to streamline the office work that typically holds surveyors back from meeting their deliverable dates. Our photogrammetry and LiDAR services are now a critical part of our client’s workflow and deliverable.

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