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Reliable Data Acquisition

Drone LiDAR & Photogrammetry

  • Yellowscan Mapper Sensor for Topographic Data

  • Yellowscan Voyager Sensor for Energy Infrastructure Data

  • 45 Megapixel camera for High-Resolution Orthoimagery

  • LiDAR Used for Vegetation Penetration

Mobile LiDAR

  • Trimble MX9 Mobile LiDAR Sensor with 360° Camera

  • Useful for Road and Rail Corridor Surveys

  • Used to generate super high-density colorized point clouds 

  • 65 Mph Data Capture Speed

Conventional Survey

  • Trimble S7

  • Trimble SX12

  • Trimble R12 Base and Rover

  • RTX Network

  • Backed by Extensive Field Survey Experience

  • Field Survey Support under PLS Supervision Only

Organized File Storage

All files are stored and organized making it easy for all project stakeholders to access and share with others.

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