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Advanced Point Cloud Extraction

Point Cloud Classification

  • Useful for Asset Management and Topographic Data

  • Specific Feature Classification 

  • PLS CADD Model Deliverable

  • High-Density Point Cloud Used to Generate TIN Surface Model

Surface Creation

Screenshot 2023-12-20 131314.png
  • High-Accuracy TIN Surface Generated by using Breaklines and Manually Created CAD Points from the Point Cloud

  • Volumetric Calculation Capabilities 

  • Conventional Survey Can be Added to Drone Surface Model

  • Ability to Combine Multiple Scan Sources Together to Create Surface (Terrestrial, Aerial, Mobile)


Screenshot 2024-01-15 161542 (1).png
  • Breaklines are created from the point cloud to hold the integrity of a Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

  • Backed by a Team with countless hours spent surveying in the field 

  • Breaklines for typical features (curbs, top/toe, flowlines, etc..)

High-Density Mobile LiDAR Extraction

Screenshot 2024-03-12 150610.png
  • Rapid and Highly Accurate Corridor Modeling and Asset Identification 

  • Backed by a Team with countless hours spent surveying in the field 

  • Customized Digital Terrain Model per Client's Request

Organized File Storage

All files are stored and organized making it easy for all project stakeholders to access and share with others.

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